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Better Letter offers superior mailing services that are exclusively customized to match each individual customer's specific mailing needs. Every customer is unique and is a valued asset at Better Letter Mailing Services, Inc. Our team of experienced, uniquely trained and highly professional Customer Service Representatives is at your service. For more information, or to find out how we can help you get your next mailing project started, call us today! 904-330-4082


Letter Shop Services

Inkjet Addressing , Mail Merge Letters , Variable Text Printing , Folding , Inserting , Wafer Seal / Tabbing , Labeling , Live Stamping , Metering , Presorting

Graphic and Data Services:

Graphic Design , Artwork Creation , Mail Piece Design Evaluation , Data Processing , Data Entry , NCOA Move Update , Add Zip +4 / Barcoding , List Management

Mailing / Marketing Services:

Direct Mail , Standard Mail , 1st Class Presort Mail , Non-Profit Mail , Periodical Mail , Political Mail , Fund Raising Letters , Appeal Letters

Printing Services:

Brochures , Postcards , Self-Mailers , Newsletters , Magazines , Catalogs , Note Cards , Letterhead / Envelopes , Reply Envelopes , Business Cards

Who is Better Letter Mailing Services, Inc. ?

Better Letter offers complete start to finish mailing services for any mass mailing project you may have. For the past twenty years we have been providing our customers with everything from data processing and list management services, graphic design and printing services, to complete mail house and letter shop services. Our in-house print-to-mail production facility provides all of the addressing and assembly services required to get your mail designed, printed, assembled, addressed, posted, and in the mail stream quickly. Furthermore, our highly trained team of data processors, with our CASS Certified and PAVE Certified software systems, always ensure you're your mass mailing receives the maximum postage discounts. So, whether you need graphic design, printing, mailing lists, data processing, list management, lettershop services, or any other direct mail services... remember to call the friendly professionals at Better Letter.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Direct Mail Marketing

Q. How do I initiate a direct mail campaign? Where should I start?

A. Define your target audience. Who do I want to mail to? What does my ideal customer look like? What are the demographics that define my ideal customer base? Defining your target audience will help determine the number of mail pieces you want to send out. It will also help determine what kind of mail piece you want to create, ... read more

Q. In order to do a direct mailing, do I need to go to the Post Office and purchase a bulk-mailing permit?

A. No. There is no reason for you to spend $450 to get your own mailing permit. You are welcome to use our Presorted Standard or Presorted First Class mailing permits. The only condition to using Better Letter's mailing permits, is that Better Letter has to be the organization that... read more

Q. What is the minimum number of pieces that required to do a bulk mailing?

A. The minimum quantity required by the post office for Presorted Standard mailings is 200 mail pieces. The minimum quantity for Presorted First Class is 500 mail pieces. However, if you are sending out a direct mail piece prospecting for new customers... read more