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Five Tips For Direct Mail Success
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Direct mail marketing is a very effective technique for driving new sales, and generating new interest in your product or services. Its unparalleled success comes from its innate ability to directly target your specific audience. It has been the preferred method of advertising and promotion in Jacksonville for many years, and that's not going to change anytime soon.


1). Research is your friend - leverage what you know about your customer base.
By knowing who your target market is and just targeting them, you can increase your success rate dramatically. If you send out 10,000 advertisements for a retirement village in Jacksonville FL and 5,000 of them go to twenty something's, your success rate is going to be very low. Conversely, if you send all 10,000 of them to Jacksonville people 60 and over, your success rate is going to be phenomenal.

2). Slow and steady wins the race.
It is important to remember that the most effective direct mail campaigns are just that, campaigns. The more times a prospect sees your service or product, the more likely they are going to respond and become one of your customers. A "one time" shot in the dark mailer is simply not going to be effective. In order to get the best results, plan on doing more than one mailing to the same list of contacts. Mail repeatedly and mail often.

3). Crunch The Numbers.
Determine how much budget you have for your mailing project and plan accordingly. For example, you may want to send out 10,000 mailers, but don't have the funds available to do it all at once. It would be less taxing on your budget if you mail to your top 2,500 target Jacksonville customers, four different times, say over a period of two months. This will be much more effective in the long run, cost less up front, and return much higher dividends. Especially if you pay attention to tip 1.

4). Determine the best type and size for your mail piece.
Don't try to say too much at once. The idea is to get their attention and generate a good lead. You may have grand plans to send out an enveloped mailer full of your brochures. However, in many cases, it may be more beneficial for you to produce a clear and concise postcard. Then take the money you saved on printing and hit a larger target audience. For instance, if you are planning on sending out six mailings, start out with postcards for the first three. Then, as your revenue increases, you could easily create a larger mailing piece for the last three mailings.

5). Style is not a good substitute for substance.
Graphic artists are great, but you should never substitute the substance of your advertising message for style. Substance is what sells. The substance of a message: "We have the largest selection of wedding dresses in the Jacksonville area, and at the guaranteed best price" carries more weight than just some nice graphics of a wedding dress. Ultimately, the best thing to do is give your 'substance' some 'style'.


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Frequently Asked Questions

About Direct Mail Marketing

Q. How do I initiate a direct mail campaign? Where should I start?

A. Define your target audience. Who do I want to mail to? What does my ideal customer look like? What are the demographics that define my ideal customer base? Defining your target audience will help determine the number of mail pieces you want to send out. It will also help determine what kind of mail piece you want to create, ... read more

Q. In order to do a direct mailing, do I need to go to the Post Office and purchase a bulk-mailing permit?

A. No. There is no reason for you to spend $450 to get your own mailing permit. You are welcome to use our Presorted Standard or Presorted First Class mailing permits. The only condition to using Better Letter's mailing permits, is that Better Letter has to be the organization that... read more

Q. What is the minimum number of pieces that required to do a bulk mailing?

A. The minimum quantity required by the post office for Presorted Standard mailings is 200 mail pieces. The minimum quantity for Presorted First Class is 500 mail pieces. However, if you are sending out a direct mail piece prospecting for new customers... read more